Your generosity unlocks potential. 

With your philanthropic contributions, students at all 26 Georgia public institutions can confidently navigate their academic journeys and become the architects of Georgia's bright future. Invest in their dreams, invest in Georgia's tomorrow.

Funding Educational Dreams

At the USG, we firmly believe that exceptional talent and unwavering determination should be the key factors that unlock educational opportunities. We understand that financial barriers can often stand in the way of pursuing a higher education. That's why the USG prioritizes programs and initiatives that bridge the socioeconomic gap and create a level playing field for talented students from all backgrounds.


Leave a lasting legacy and empower students for generations to come. Your endowed gift to the Foundation ensures a steady stream of scholarship funding. By carefully managing the endowment, we can maximize returns while minimizing risk, preserving the fund's purchasing power to support students today and well into the future.


Behind every scholarship awarded, there are hundreds of talented students yearning to chase their college dreams. We strive to bridge that gap. Our goal? To ensure deserving students, regardless of financial limitations, have the opportunity to attend a public college or university anywhere in Georgia. Because investing in their education is investing in the future of our state.


$753,000 awarded in student need-based scholarship support through 15 named annual scholarships and 17 named endowed scholarships.

Investment Opportunities

Create an Endowed Scholarship

Creating an endowed scholarship provides critical support for USG students in perpetuity.
Endowed scholarships are established with a gift of $25,000 or more. Donors may establish a named scholarship endowment with a pledge commitment and a minimum gift of $5,000 with a commitment to grow the scholarship fund to $25,000 over a five-year period. Upon reaching the $25,000 level, the fund will be permanently invested in the USG Investment Pool. Scholarship awards are provided from earnings in accordance with USG Foundation Investment Pool spending guidelines. 


Create an Annual Scholarship

Creating an annual scholarship provides critical and immediate support for USG students.
Donors may establish a named annual scholarship with a gift of $5,000 or more. With an initial gift of $2,000 and a pledge commitment of $5,000 in total, a donor can have a named, annual scholarship established. Annual scholarships will be awarded for as many years as the funds are donated. The name associated with the scholarship will remain with the fund until such time as the fund is depleted or discontinued. 

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Board of Regents Gala at the Atlanta History Center

Philip and Mary Hart Wilheit

Hometown Scholarship Donors

The Wilheit Family Foundation has always had a philanthropic interest in Healthcare, Education and Young people. We have found that the USG Foundation provides us the perfect vehicle to help our foundation meet its objectives. We can achieve all three goals with gifts to the USG Foundation and have total confidence that it will be well managed.  



Erroll and Elaine Davis

Eleanor B. Davis Scholarship Endowment Donors

“My mother was born over 100 years ago in Lagrange, GA. Because of the depression, she had to drop out of college without completing her degree. She learned of the power of education as well as the pain of dropping out. My wife Elaine and I started the Eleanor Boykin Davis endowment to help as many students as we can to avoid the pain my mother experienced.”