Hometown Scholarships

To address the critical need for student scholarships in Georgia, The University System of Georgia Foundation created an opportunity for donors to provide "Hometown" Scholarships for students in designated Georgia counties wishing to attend one of the 26 USG Institutions.

  • A named scholarship provided to students from a designated Georgia County
  • Students attending or planning to attend one of our 26 USG Institutions
  • Students with a documented financial need

The Urgency of Providing Need-Based Scholarships

Making a college degree affordable for more Georgians is one of the best investments in the state economy and workforce. When students from low-and high-income families attend the same college, they earn similar salaries afterward. Higher education can level the playing field for students of different socioeconomic backgrounds and helps boost the broader economy in the process.

Dr. Carla Green Williams established a Hometown Scholarship to honor the legacy of her parents and support students from Troup County, Georgia.

Dr. Carla Green Williams honored the legacy of her parents Barner and Johnnie Mae Green of Lagrange, Georgia by establishing an annual scholarship fund to offer financial support to students from Troup County, Georgia to further their education at a University System of Georgia Institution.

Dr. Green, a former Georgia Women’s Basketball standout, serves as the Athletic Director for the University of Virginia. Describing herself as a “gym rat from the time I was 8 years old”, Dr. Green spent many hours practicing on the basketball courts of Lagrange. Named the “best high school player in the state” in 1985, Dr. Green went on to become a star on the court at the University of Georgia. Following her collegiate athletic years, she was quickly promoted to athletic administration positions at Florida State, Vanderbilt, and the University of Georgia before being named as the first African American women to lead a major college program at the University of Virginia.

Dr. Green never forgot her hometown of Lagrange, the values that she was taught from her parents, and many family members who lived throughout Troup County. She wanted to give back to “her hometown” by establishing the Barner and Johnnie Mae Green Scholarship.